2017 Double Bay Double
San Francisco to Guerneville and back again!

It's time again for the Double Bay Double/Dolly Renegade Ride the weekend of August 12th and 13th!!


Different Spokes San Francisco (DSSF) and Project Inform (PI) have teamed up to commemorate 35 years of DSSF and to celebrate their first AIDS ride 30 years ago! We will be following a similar route going north from SF to Guerneville, staying overnight then back to SF! EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

We had SUCH a great crew of cyclists and Roadies on the Double Bay Double/Dolly Renegade Ride in 2015! And we did A LOT! With only 17 cyclists we raised over $23,000 for Project Inform! We are hoping to have just as much if not MORE fun this year and raise even more!!! We have a 50 cyclist max and we are already filling those spaces with the most wonderful people! It’s shaping up to be a party on wheels and we want you to be there*!!??!?

The Dollys have already started making their costumes and Claire Reinbold has already committed to coming across the country again; bike, blond wig and boobs in tow to make this ride a success! Won't you join in!?!?!!

Once again we will be raising funds for Project Inform, one of the oldest most well respected HIV and Hep C organizations in the country and the advocacy/instigation that comes with that!

We ask that all the riders raise at least $300. This year we camp together so there won’t be expense of a hotel room. Could you possibly bolster your fundraising with some of those funds? If 25 of us raise $1000 we will break the amount we raised last year! If we get 50 people to raise $1000 it would ensure that we can provide as many of our publications as the clinics throughout the country need for their clients as well as all the other support PI provides. 

As most of us have been trained in the ALC way of doing things, we will have a very safe ride. Additionally we have a lot of laughs and time together to get in before the end of the ride. This year we start in SF and we will all have dinner together on Russian River! Let the good times roll!

Our amazing Roadies have signed on again so we’ll have great support on this fun ride!

  • FUNDRAISING. We ask that cyclists raise at least $300 but it would make a big difference to Project Inform's work if everyone could raise $1000. We raised $23,000 with 17 riders last ride and we are hoping to have a larger group this year and would like to raise over $40,000 as that would allow Project Inform to do much more to defend policies that protect those with HIV and Hep C as well as prevent so many more infections. 
  • SUPPORT. Many of our best friends (Roadies) have signed up again to volunteer and as we all know, Roadies make EVERYTHING better! Just as on the last ride, your pack etc. will be transported for you and there will be supported rest stops, sweeps and moto! We love our Roadies! And if you know people you think would be great send them my way! emarikosanders@projectinform.org 415-580-7306
  • ACCOMODATIONS. We’ll stay at Casini Ranch campsites right on the River!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This way we will be able to stay together**. We ask that you bring your own tent but don't worry if you don't have one. We'll find one for you. Just let us know! You may have to pay $15 camper fee when you come in depending on when you sign up. Grown up sleepaway bike camp!
  • FOOD and DRINKS. Once again snacks, sports drinks and water will be provided at the rest stops. You will be able to decide where, when and what you would like your lunch. When you purchase your lunch more money goes to the programs! Dinner will be at camp! We are hoping to get one of our favorite local eateries to help with this! Stay tuned! Breakfast will also be in camp and will be a simple but filling meal enjoyed with some of the best people on the planet. What a nice way to start the day!
  • TRAINING. Different Spokes has a calendar of rides to join and I’m sure ALC would let you jump in on their training rides as well. Alternately you can do the spin at the gym ‘til you drop method that I employ! HA!

Soon to come:

  • Packing list


* Of course it won’t be Claire (Roadie) and Tomas' (Cyclist) birthday this year but I’m sure it will be someone else’s!!!!!!!!!!

**You can of course stay at one of the many hotel/bnb/airbnb options.

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